Tony TNT Dinar – A Big Currency Scam

The TNT Dinar scam is a well-known currency scam that was recently exposed. Iraqi Dinar became a money-making scam some years ago with the so called Dinar gurus claiming that the currency had a huge growth potential in the near future. They were able to convince hundreds and thousands of gullible people into buying the Iraqi Dinar on the fake assumption of capital gains that would more than double their investment. The Dinar scam is still very active, but with the TNT Tony Dinar scam exposed, an awareness of this investment being a hoax has come to the forefront.

Anthony Wayne Renfro or TNT Tony as he is popularly known has been active online since early 2011. He claims that the Iraqi Dinar will revalue from its current state and that it is a good time to purchase the currency and sell it at a later date for a greater value. His convincing speeches on the TNT Dinar videos regarding the currency have led people to believe that what he says could probably be true. What they fail to do is check the state of the currency in their local banks or even major banks before they invest in what they think is a lucrative scheme.

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As can be seen with reference to the status of the Iraqi Dinar in banks, the currency is no longer accepted in any other country besides Iraq. Also, there is no hope of the currency rising from its current value in a hurry. In fact predictions are more of the Iraqi Dinar falling even below the present value. TNT Tony has been giving misleading financial information about the currency. The TNT Dinar scam has actively been carried out by Renfro through his site “TNT Dinar” and via video conferencing using online People Talk Radio and Blog Talk Radio.

Since his exposure by BBC in February 2014, Tony has been kicked out of Blog Talk Radio. BBC Trending got curious when they saw the massive trend on #wearethepeople in the US. Apparently it had 4 million tweets, all of which pointed to an anti-banking upsurge, getting BBC Trending to probe the matter closely. It was soon found that Tony of TNT Dinar was luring Americans into buying Dinars that would make them rich overnight. He made them believe this was true up to saying that a secret deal of a revalued Dinar had been struck and an elite few had access to it.

When the International Monetary Fund was contacted about this, they rubbished the news, clearing stating that TNT Tony was a fraudster. It should be noted that Renfro has been involved in other financial scams before he came up with the TNT Dinar con. Every word of what he says is a lie and if you research the fancy claims he makes, you will see that financial institutions deny such changes. As it happens, the Dinar is not being sold online or offline by any financial institution, hence the predictions made by Renfro are simply baseless.


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tnt dinar
The TNT Dinar scam is a well-known currency scam that was recently exposed